Norman HealthTech Network presents Norman MedTech Companies attending MEDICA 2017

Les professionnels découvriront au parc des expositions de Düsseldorf toutes les facettes du marché mondial de la technologie médicale et des produits médicaux et ils y trouveront aussi la réponse à toutes les questions qu’ils se posent. Le salon MEDICA reste un événement international et cette année aussi, il dévoilera à ses nombreux visiteurs une grande variété de nouveautés uniques au monde.

Hall 17, Booth B24

Design, manufacture and distribution of professional changing stations for new born and little ones. The company has equipped more than 300 hospitals and 3000 nurseries. It designs aesthetic and functional furniture, born from a specific and concrete need and conceived with the support of users and prescribers, is delivered pre-equipped for quick and easy installation. Its success lies on an inventive research department, an industrial know-how and a rigorous support service.

More information: https://www.loxos.com/en/

HALL 17, Booth C23

Protec’Som laboratory is a French designer and manufacturer of medical devices certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 including the design and manufacture of Lung deposition of pharmaceuticals. Laboratoire ProtecSom’s inhalation devices are designed to optimize inhaled treatments administration and efficiency and to favor patient’s adherence to their treatments (good follow-up of the treatment) in asthma and respiratory diseases.

The company won this year a historic double victory for its devices at the Galien-Medstartup contest.

More information: https://www.laboprotecsom.com/en/

Hall 4, Booth H16

Stendo Laboratoire, founded in 2011, has developed a new high tech device based on blood shear stress natural enhancement. Stendo is a patented Pulsewave® bodysuit, applying some 25000 cardio-synchronised stimulations per treatment, helps to offset deficits in the production of nitric oxide (NO) and improves, using its vasodilation properties, the hemodynamic of the body. Non operator dependent, offering efficient standardized treatments and staff costs opportunities.

The Stendo systemic action improves NO production and lymphatic drainage with the body at a rest. Main indications are: microcirculation deficit, vascular restoration, venous-lymphatic stasis, oedema, hypertension, obesity and diabetes cardio vascular consequences.

More information: https://www.stendo.net/

Hall 8B, Booth E14

Axfil is a specialist in wire work in small, medium and large series, 0.12 to 8mm in diameter. In 2000, Axfil began a Quality and Environment approach to ensure to customers the performance of its expertise including: straightening, cutting, pointing, grinding, chamfering, rounding, polishing, cold heading, boring, stamping, bending, ultrasonic cleaning, heat treatment and surface treatment.

More than 300 million needles and axes are manufactured each year.

More information: https://www.axfil.fr/needle/axfil-needle-manufacturer.htm

Hall 16, Booth C55

BodyCap develops, industrialises and markets miniature wireless electronic sensors and monitoring solutions. Specializing in wearable connected devices for physiological data monitoring, its innovative high-tech products are used in medical, research, and Sport & ergonomics areas.

e-Celsius Medical : a pill that monitors core temperature for different health applications as cancer treatment (chemotherapy) as in infectiology. E-Celsius Medical is a MD ClassIIB.

e-Tact : a patch that monitors activity, acceleration, tilt and skin temperature for medical rehabilitation program.

More information: https://www.bodycap-medical.com/en/

Hall 17, Booth C24

Sam Instruments provides a 3D biomechanical analysis system: SAM3D, allowing full-body postural assessment in less than 5 minutes. SAM3D assists the practitioner in his diagnosis by analyzing the body constraints such as: scoliosis, kyphosis, pelvic tilt, short legs, orthopedic anomaly, etc. The posture data are stored in Bigdata structure to facilitate the follow-up of the prescribed treatment.

More informations : https://saminstruments.com/

Hall 7A, Booth E04

Manufacturer for more than 40 years, Didactic is an expert in the production, sterelization and distribution of signe-use medical devices.

Equipped with integrated logistics, a white room ISO7 and a sterelized sector, Didactic’s devices quality and technical nature are recognized. Didactic also contributes to the continuous improvement of care practices by supporting his team and providing them training and information Tools.

More information: https://www.didactic.fr/index.php?lang=en

Hall 8B, Booth J08

Murata is a global leader in the design, manufacture and suppy of advanced electronic materials, leading edge electronic components, and multi-functional, high-density modules. Murata innovations can be found in a wide range of applications from mobile phones to home appliances, and automotive applications to energy management systems and healthcare devices.

Murata offers new value in the medical field, based on its technology and experience fostered through the supply of parts in various fields including PC, smartphone, home appliances, and car electronics.

More information: https://www.murata.com/

Hall 8B, Booth G14

With 40 years of experience, Selha Group delivers end-to-end solutions for professional electronics in the high tech industry, towards a preferred panel of Customers. The company is dedicated to provide, design and test benches manufacturing services, as well as electronics manufacturing services in industrialization and production of PCB Assemblies, electronic and wired sub-Assemblies, in small and medium series. Selha’s solutions in co-development and industrialisation with engineering teams enable providing strong and true support to its four manufacturing sites in France (EINEA, SELHA and LCO) and Morocco (OB in Casablanca).

More information: www.selhagroup.com


13 décembre 2018

IN Normandy

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7 novembre 2018

Normandy French Tech Connect

Normandy French Tech Connect, le 5 décembre 18h à Caen, Rouen et Le Havre  : Startups, ETI, PME, Grands groupes, Investisseurs, Acteurs de l’écosystème, Établissements d’enseignement supérieur, vous êtes les bienvenus pour échanger autour de thématiques communes telles que le digital, la tech et l'innovation ! [...]
30 octobre 2018

Rencontres OT & Numérique

Evénement organisé en partenariat avec la Fédération des Offices de Tourisme et Territoires de Normandie dans le cadre de leurs ateliers thématiques. [...]
19 octobre 2018

La banque des territoires lance l'annuaire des entreprises de la Smart city

5 octobre 2018

Valorial'Morning : DATA & IAA : comment collecter et valoriser vos données pour innover ?

Jeudi 11 Octobre : venez découvrir Valorial' Morning entre 8h45 et 10h45 ! [...]
5 octobre 2018


Le Pôle Hippolia, en partenariat avec le Crédit Agricole Normandie et la Caisse Centrale MSA, lance Equi’défi. [...]
5 octobre 2018

CES de Las Vegas du 06 au 12 Janvier 2019 !

Entrepreneurs normands : bénéficiez d'une aide régionale afin de participer au Customer Electronics Shows ! [...]
10 septembre 2018

Les Rendez-Vous du Tourisme Numérique du Pôle TES

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6 septembre 2018

Saison 5 du programme d’accélération FFWD Normandie - Candidatez à partir du 10 septembre !

Les candidatures pour la Saison 5 du programme d’accélération FFWD Normandie seront ouvertes du 10 septembre au 29 octobre sur le site www.ffwdnormandie.com [...]